Product Profiles
Products : Copper and Special alloys,Flats,Strips,Profiles,Bus bars,Commutator sections Tubes,Wiers, Rods,Paper&Fiber covered conductors, Con-Extrusion product.Pressed&Formed
components forautomoble,Electrical & electronic industries and Wires.

Special alloys : Silver &Oxygen Free Copper,Phosphoorus Bronxe.

Specifications: As per IS/BS/ASTM/DIM and customers own Specification.

Size-Range : 0.50mm to 20.00mm thickness.

Flats/Strips : 3.0 mm to 150 mm width 0.50 mm to 20 mm thickness

Section/Profiles :
Commutators, connectors, knife bridge & complex sections

Paper & Fiber
Covered Coonductor :
Size from 3.00mm to 20.00mm width and 1.50 to 4.50mm to thickness.

Tubes : 3.00mm to 50.00mm outside dia x 0.45mm to 6.00mm wall thickness.

Wires/Rods : 0.20 mm to 10.00 mm dia in coils. 3.00mm to 50.00mm dia in straight length.

End Use : Basic raw metrial for Electrical,Auto, General Industies, Defense, Railway & etc..

Flats/Strips : Press component, electrical switchgears, Bare conductors, panel boards, bus bar.

Section/Profiles :
Auto electrical, strters, dynamos,DC motors Switch grear industries, special Application.

Paper & Fiber
Covered Coonductor :
Transformers, Motor, Coils.

Tubes : Air-condition,refrigeration, heat exchangers, Condensers, agro equipments,
fancylightings & furniture, alternators, slips rings etc..

Wire/Rods : Machine & wood screws, fasteners, hallow, Solid rivets, pins, nails, resistance wire,
filter-mesh, Spring, wire, turned component hot forging deep Drawing.