Welcome to Shree Balaji Industrial Corporation
Since 1969…The founders, Committed Technocrats, who have evolved into wealth creators. At their works in Lonavla,

SHREE BALAJI INDUSTRIAL CORPORATION produce a full range of non-ferrous semis such as flats / strips,

complex profiles/ sections, bus bars, paper & fiber covered conductors, wires / rods ,tubes, conn-extru Products, Press components the raw material – copper, copper alloys and bronzes.

Shree Balaji Industrial Corporation

Plot No. 31-32, Lonavla Industrial Co-Operative Industrial Estate,
Nangargaon, Dist.
PUNE - 410 401.

Phone: +91 9137282617

Mobile: +91 9820061237
Email: sales@shreebalajicorp.com, sjkanal@shreebalajicorp.com


31, Sai Rachna Bldg, Juhu Road, Santacruz (West), Mumbai-400 054. India.

Phone: 91-22-26492541
Fax: 91-22-26490331

Email: ajhaykanal@gmail.com, ajhaykanal@shreebalajicorp.com

Contact Person

Mr. Shyamlall . J . Kanal
Mr. Ajhay. S. Kanal
Mrs. Madhu .S. Kanal